Nye elever

Nye elever, Urdhva Hastasana - Intense extension of the arms

Urdhva Hastasana – Intense extension of the arms

¨A great boon of yoga, even for relative beginners, is the happiness it brings, a state of self-reliant contentment. Happiness is good in itself and a basis for progress.¨                                      – BKS Iyengar

An open and welcoming space

At Satya Yoga, our aim is to create an open and welcoming atmosphere for the interested student – regardless of your starting level.

We believe that yoga can help everyone to improve their quality of life – regardless of whether you are: new to exercise, are recovering from an injury, are an athlete looking to understand your body better, or an experienced yogi. Our aim is to work with you, to help you to improve your health and to understand yourself better.

For an optimal teaching setting, we keep our classes small. We like to reach out to our students with individualised verbal instructions, with postural adjustments, to give the student the experience of “how does the pose feel” in a correct practice.

About Satya yoga
  • Satya is the name of our school (and not a method),  satya is one of the ethical discipline (truth).  Inherand to yoga practice, it helps us to evolve towards inner purity.
  • We teach an postural alignement/ art-of-sequencing based system, it is named  after the father of the method; Mr Iyengar. To read about  Iyengar yoga 
  • During our lessons we use props (mats, blocks, belts, chairs, etc); we see them as instrinsic to our yoga practice. It is important that you treat them with respect and put them back neatly!
  • We have an fully online booking system, on this website you can purchases classes, workshop, giftcards, and book (and/or cancel) your class ahead ontime.
  • There is limited space to get changed in – so, while most of our students choose to get changed at the studio, you may choose to get changed at home.
  • Your belongings are stored in unlocked boxes. Our front door will be locked during classes, however we do not suggest you bring anything of high value, as we cannot take responsibility for any losses.
Before your first lesson at Satya Yoga

Both beginners and those who have practised other forms of yoga, may wish to follow an ‘Intro Class’. Here you will get accustomed to the Iyengar Yoga system – the way it is been taught and practised, here you will learn the basic repertoire and more.                                                                         

If after taking an ‘Intro Class’ you feel the level is not appropriate (or if you feel your yoga practice allows it), feel free to join a “Level 1” class.  Here we build upon the foundation and introduce new categories of poses. ‘Level 1’ classes demand some consistency in practice.

We are here to help you, no matter your level of fitness, previous injuries, health concerns, or confidence levels. We only ask that you help us to help you, by letting us know your issues and concerns before the class – this lets us to adapt the class to your needs.

To read about  “class description and the levels” click here