Yoga for stress and exhaustion

Supported Setu-bandha – balances the hormonal and nervous system

“The young, the aged, the diseased, and the weak – all may take to the practice of yoga and derive its benefits without hindrance”                                                                                            – Hatha yoga Pradipika, 1-64

About depression, stress and exhaustion disorder

Depression is one of the most common and debilitating mental illnesses in America. It is estimated that 16.2 million US citizens aged 18 or above had a minimum of one major depressive episode in 2016, representing 6.7% of the American adult population.

Untreated stress and exhaustion disorder can lead to depression and more than 430.000 people in DK are estimated to suffer within the range of stress-related conditions/illness.

Research indicates that mind-body interventions such as yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong are helpful, in particular in the early phases of treating stress-related conditions, since these methods support the ability of the human organism under stress to self-regulate. 

Stress-related conditions are often very complex and research points to that there are different phases of treatment, the first being mind-body Interventions, followed by stress management and possibly psychotherapy by a specialized therapist.

Iyengar yoga therapeutics’ 

While therapeutic benefits may be found in many forms of yoga, what makes Iyengar yoga stand out is its pragmatic and well-defined path of logic approach.

Iyengar yoga teachers use diagnostic skills to devise and adjust specific therapeutic sequences.

There is a lack of specialized yoga and our initiative here at Satya Yoga is an offering of such a specialized yoga course.

The project is a collaboration between Satya Yoga teachers Thomas Humpert (C.I.Y.T. – Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher), Lone Kristensen (C. I. Y. T.) and Esther Sorgenfrei Blom (C. I. Y. T.), who is also a Clinical Researcher and Licensed Psychologist at Centre for Mental Health Promotion (, Institute of Psychology, University of Copenhagen.

It is with great joy that we in Satya yoga will offer an Iyengar Yoga course specifically designed to bring the body, mind and heart affected by exhaustion and stress into more balance.

This class will run as a course (8 consecutive classes)                                                            On Thursday: 14:00 – 15:30
Next course: 5 sept./ 12 sept./ 19 sept./ 26 sept./ 3 oct./17 oct./ 24 oct./ 31 oct.        Price: 1200.-                                                                                                                                Maximun  8 participants                                                                                                      Teaching is in English

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General information
  • This specific course is for anyone who is experiencing stress-related difficulty and/or exhaustion (long-term stress).
  • If you are interested in scientific reviews about exhaustion disorder, you can read more here click here 
  • For any further inquiries, please contact Esther: