Level and class description

Bharadvajasana 2 - A simple twist

Bharadvajasana 2 – The advanced variation of a simple twist

          ” Never perform the asanas mechanically, the body stagnates.”                                                   – BKS. Iyengar


An open and welcoming space

At Satya Yoga, our aim is to create an open and welcoming atmosphere for the interested student – regardless of your starting level.

We believe that yoga can help everyone to improve their quality of life – regardless of whether you are: new to exercise, are recovering from an injury, are an athlete looking to understand your body better, or an experienced yogi. Our aim is to work with you, and to help you improve your relationship to your body (and mind).

For an optimal teaching setting, we keep our classes small. We like to reach out to our students with individualised verbal instructions, with one-on-one postural adjustments, to give the student the experience of “how does the pose feel” in an appropriate practice.

What to expect

In our classes, no matter your level, expect to be physically and mentally stretched. Our aim is to help you push yourself just a little beyond your zone of comfort, but in a way that allows you to sustainably build your strength and capabilities.

Every class is different. You may find an entire class is focused on a particular subject, e.g. it might be shoulder, hip or neck oriented, or it may happen that the entire class focuses on restorative poses and pranayama. Different teachers also have very different ways of teaching, and approaching, the body – by going to classes with different teachers, you can gain a new understanding of the exact same subject in a way that enriches and deepens your yoga practice.


Intro class, soft    

A gentle start to yoga. We gradually build up towards an easy-paced standing sequence and a range of easily accessible poses. Finishing poses restorative, Vipareeta Karani or other simple inverted poses.

This class is for you:

  • If you want a gentle introduction to yoga, or
  • If you have a restrictive physical condition and/ or minor injuries, or
  • If you have age-related limitations.

A beginners class which can easily be followed for up to 9 months/ 1year.      Open to all

Intro class 

A class is for beginners and those who wish to refresh their practice. Here we start from scratch and build up: we work with standing poses and introduce a wider range of foundational poses, including the (floor) shoulder stand. This helps to create the right balance between strength, flexibility and stability.

This class is for you:

  • If you want a more rigorous introduction to yoga.

Can be followed for up to 9 months/ 1year – expect consistent work. Open to all

Level 1 

This class build on the Intro Class – you may also join if you have practised other types of yoga or are at ease in your body.  Here we strengthen the foundation and introduce all categories of poses. Headstand and the concept of timing in shoulder stand will be introduced.

This class is for you:

  • If you practise yoga regularly
  • You have a commitment to continuing regular practise 

Best to start after 3 to 6 months of regular classes. / All are welcome

Level 2  

At this level, we move further on and we expect you to be familiar with the basic principles of Iyengar yoga.  All categories of poses are practised, you must be able to practise headstand and shoulder stand independently, – timing in all poses is introduced.

This class is for you:

  • If you have practised yoga regularly for at least one year, and
  • You have discussed and agreed participation with the teacher

Start after a minimum of one year of regular practice/ Ask your teacher if this class is for you

Women class 

This class is aimed at women of all ages who would like a gentle introduction to Iyengar Yoga. Starting with some restorative, followed by a gentle paced standing sequence or other easy going practice.                           

If you have a restricted physical condition, minor injuries or are suffering from age-related limitation, you are welcome in this class.

No time limitations/A class for all women 

Class for all

Are usually taught on the weekends or during the holiday period, in this class, you will do more yoga and get fewer explanations, shoulder stand and headstand might be part of the class.

All are welcome, expect to be challenged.

Restorative and Pranayama  

Are entirely new ways of approaching the body, restorative practices will heal different part of the body in a supported way, relieving chronic tensions and soothing the nerves, thus preparing the body for breathing practices.

One year of regular practice is suggested. All are welcome

Getting results out of your practice

Regularity in practice is everything, learning yoga will happen over time, however it is a good idea to start with one or two classes a week.

Through regularity in practice, your body will start to change, you will gain flexibility in your joints muscles and bones. A new sense of yourself will emerge, creating hope for the future through a positive mindset which will reflect in your surrounding.

Regularity in practice will ease all the little pains you might have in your body and soul, regularity in practice can give you answers about your life, your existential questioning a sense of direction you might want to follow.

In the Iyengar tradition we firmly believe that in order to understand Yoga you need regularity in practice over a longer period of time and to be strongly rooted in the yogic tradition.

The effect of a regular practice of Iyengar Yoga can penetrate deep into your life, in ways it can be difficult to imagine in advance.

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