Nye elever

Nye elever, Urdhva Hastasana - Intense extension of the arms

Urdhva Hastasana – Intense extension of the arms

¨A great boon of yoga, even for relative beginners, is the happiness it brings, a state of self-reliant contentment. Happiness is good in itself and a basis for progress.”                                            – B.K.S. Iyengar

Welcome to Satya yoga, here is some practical information to make you feel at ease in our school and to get the most out of your practice.

About Satya yoga 

We are rather a small school (max 16 students) therefore you can expect personal guidance and postural adjustments.                                                          If it is your first time at our place, please come 10 – 15mn earlier to meet the teacher and know your way around.                                                                        Our changing area is not very big – while most of our students are changing them self at our place -some of our students choose to come already changed.                                                                                                          Concerning your valuable; we lock the entrance door during our classes – you also have the possibilities to bring your values into the yoga room.

Starting with yoga       

If you have no yoga experience or would like to refresh your foundations, a safe way to is to follow the “Intro class” where you will learn the basic repertoire and expanding onwards.                                                                          If you have practised other types of yoga or are at ease in your body, you may join “level 1”.  Here we strengthen the foundation and introduce all categories of poses. To join this level regularity of practice is strongly suggested.

If you have injuries or health concerns, please inform the teachers before the class we are trained to accommodate usual health concerns.


For new students, we have a welcome offer of 8 classes in 10 weeks for 480.- krona.

Getting results out of your practice   

Regularity in practice is everything, learning yoga will happen over time, however it is a good idea to start with one or two classes a week.

Through regularity in practice, your body will start to change, you will gain flexibility in your joints muscles and bones. A new sense of yourself will emerge, creating hope for the future through a positive mindset which will reflect in your surrounding.

Regularity in practice will ease all the little pains you might have in your body and soul, regularity in practice can give you answers about your life, your existential questioning a sense of direction you might want to follow.

In the Iyengar tradition we firmly believe that in order to understand Yoga you need regularity in practice over a longer period of time and to be strongly rooted in the yogic tradition.

The effect of a regular practice of Iyengar Yoga can penetrate deep into your life, in ways it can be difficult to imagine in advance.

To read about  “class description and the levels” click here