Private lessons and small groups

Private yoga lessons

one-on-one adjustment


         “Words cannot convey the value of yoga – it has to be experienced”                                         –  BKS Iyengar


Private lessons

Private (or one to one) lessons are individual lessons are normally 60-90 minutes long, and allow you to work to maximise the benefits of yoga by placing close attention to your needs and capacities.

Opting for private lessons may be of interest in a number of situations:

  • If you do not have time to follow regular classes
  • If you have a disability and need special adjustments in poses
  • If you would like a tailored introduction prior to joining a regular class
  • If you would like expert guidance for a specific therapeutic sequence

Private lessons are offered at the rate depending on your situation.                                      650.- krona for one hour/750.- 90mn                                                                                          500.- krona for one hour/650.- 90mn /Reduced price for students, unemployed, retired or persons with financial difficulties

Small groups

Small group classes (maximum 8 people) are ideal for groups of colleagues or friends who wish to practice yoga together and learn to support each other.

Opting for a small group class may be of interest:

  • if you want to achieve steady progress as part of a close-knit group: regular practice in a small group is optimal for learning.

Please contact us for more information on small group classes. You can email or call us with details of what you are interested in.

Working with business and not for profit organisations

Yoga can be a very effective aid to achieving business objectives. At Satya Yoga we are able to offer regular classes at your workplace, one-off workshops and also business oriented yoga-retreats.

Our tailored classes, workshops and retreats can help you improve productivity, efficiency and team cohesion – both through releasing psychophysical tensions within groups and by enhancing learning processes. Yoga means unity, and this is particularly beneficial in the business setting – by working together and understanding each other.

Please contact us for more information on services for business. You can email or call us with details of what you are interested in.