Self-practice course with Thomas

A yoga seuqence created by Thomas

Come and learn the art-of-sequencing

The self-practice is the proposal to support the body, the mind and consciousness with whatever we are going through. Refining our being from gross (Sthula) to subtle (Shuksma), from ignorance (Avidya) to wisdom (Jnana), from a scattered state (Ksipta) to a contemplative state (Dyana).

At each meeting, we will explore a new aspect of practice, spending some time to understand the background of Yoga, exploring details in the given asanas and their possible variations.

It is also a good moment for the students to discover their options when encountering difficulties e.g. lack of time, lack of energy, health issue etc.

In each course, a new program for your home practice will be given.

We are sorry there are no self-practice course planned for the moment!

For more information on self-practice please visit our self-practice page