Lone Kristensen

Certificeret Iyengar yoga lærer Lone Kristensen

Lone Kristensen, certified Iyengar yoga teacher

Om Lone

I first met Iyengar yoga in `95, as I moved to Copenhagen after 3 years of rigorous dance training in London. My whole being was grateful and happy with the change and I soon decided to follow this new path and become an IYENGAR® Yoga teacher.

IYENGAR® Yoga has so much to offer on all levels of our being.

I did my teacher training at BKS IYENGAR®Yoga Centre CPH, at that time Yogaskolen, and after certification, I have continued to study there. I was also part of the teaching faculty until Dec 2010, where I felt it was time to seek new pastures.

Apart from Jette Berring and Claus Wittig, who I continue to study with, some of my earlier Senior teachers were Faeq Biria FR, Clé Souren NL, Ramanand Patel US, and Gloria Goldberg US. In the later years, the teachers I have studied with are Lois Steinberg US and Patricia Walden US. I have also followed a three-year course on Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga with Stephanie Quirk NZ. 

Since 2000 I have travelled to India to study with the Iyengar family and their teachers at the Institute in Pune, RIMYI. It is always a deep, sometimes quite challenging experience, that brings new insights and inspiration to life and practice. I am forever grateful to have found this path of Yoga in my life, it has challenged me and enriched my life and continues to do so in many ways I would never have dreamt of.

I am also a trained Cranio-Sacral Therapist, and KMI Structural Integrator, and part-time I give sessions one on one. For me, it goes beautifully together with my yoga life, as I also here continuously get to deepen my understanding of the body, mind, breath and spirit. 
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I do have a great interest in exploring the body and its connections to our state of mind and breath, and from there to our intimate relationship with our deeper Selves. I try to bring this exploration into my teaching, allowing space for all students to practice at their level, whilst encouraging them to explore themselves and their boundaries, be they perceived or real.

Yoga is a great opportunity for growth and transformation for all who seek it, and with persistent practice, over time it will heal and strengthen our relationship to ourselves and to those around us. 

Gitte Bechsgaard is a great inspiration and teacher of mine when it comes to studying the deeper Spiritual aspects of Yoga. I am currently following her course on the first Pada of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali based on her book ¨The Gift of  Consciousness¨ Her understanding of the subject is deeply profound and she is a Master of the difficult Art of bringing it to her students in a tangible and pragmatic way, without simplifying and taking away from the depth of the topic.

For me, teaching, living and practising Yoga has become a condition of life, a way of relating to the spinning world around me. The endless life-journey of exploration, unfoldment and Self-discovery, which is forever challenging and rewarding, is deeply connected to my practice of Yoga and all its aspects.